Time Attendance Management System

Cloudclocking is an intelligent management system of time attendance devices, The user-friendly and interactive design makes this system very easy to operate, the powerful function makes this system realize the management of department, staff, shift, payroll,and access authority, satisfying different time attendancerequirements in different complicated environments.


  • Manages departments and employees
  • Manages devices
  • Manages schedules, shifts and reports
  • Imports/exports data in various file formats, such as CSV, XLS/XLSX, etc
  • Exports attendance reports to 3rd party software
  • *Support all Cloudclocking attendance devices
  • Functionalities

    For organizations with multiple locations/facilities, Cloudclocking enables on-line employee scheduling and time tracking. It enhances the convenience and flexibility of employers to manage the timekeeping, scheduling, and attendance reporting tasks.

  • Easy shift and scheduling

  • Easy employee management

  • Easy record management

  • Easy export reports

  • Compatible with a variety of web browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

  • System Configuration

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